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The biggest problem when paying off payday is the “temporary” lack of funds that will enable us to repay the loan. This is the moment that hurts us the most. We go to the institution where we were given a short time, we explain that it is bad that we do not have to pay everything on time and then a consultant, with a big smile on our face tells us that there is no problem. Ufff, the stone fell from the heart, but it appears “but”. No problem, Dear Customer, you can pay off the payday later but you have to compensate us – pay us extra money for your delay.

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There are already myths about the action of payday loans! By something like this people are very afraid to reach for this type of loan. It’s time to dispel doubts about payday loans and show them what they really are.

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In fact, nothing like that happens. The matter of interest in the matter of payday loans was taken by the National Bank of USA, which in Article 359 ยง of the Civil Code is up to four times the lombard loan. Currently, the lombard rate is 4%, so following the principle, interest can be up to 16% and not more than half a percent, because the Antilocker Act, which protects the borrowers, will be broken. This means that with a loan of $ 1,000 ” .

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Everyone who reaches for a moment can sleep peacefully. None of the lending companies can enter an entry in any of the Economic Information Bureaus if your loan refund is delayed by one month. This is legally established, specifically in the act on sharing economic data. Article 14 states that it is only after 60 days from the due date that the debtor’s information to the economic information bureaus can be transferred. The maturity date is the day on which the loan should be repaid. If the loan is repaid after 30 days of delay – no one has the right to provide us with the “list of debtors”.

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At the very thought everyone is getting hot. But let us remember that the times when the debt collection company invaded us in homes, it was valuable equipment has long since passed. Currently, loan companies charge additional costs for debt collection costs. If we take an online loan – debt collection consists in reminding about the existing debt by an ordinary SMS, e-mail or is practiced by means of a telephone conversation.

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The micro-loan is due to the activity of economist Muhammad Yunus, creator of the concept of microcredit and the founder of Grameen Bank – a Bangladeshi institution whose specialty is the provision of micro-loans to people who were excluded by the licensed banking sector. The creator of the microloan was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his outstanding achievements in finance and banking.

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Every adult who is a American citizen and a natural person can apply for a microloan. To get a microloan you must have at least a minimum initial capital, which is necessary to run the enterprise. Micro loans are usually provided to students, graduates of studies, research workers – people who plan to start their own business and start their business. But everyone can try to get a microlight, 99%, and everyone who is trying to get it gets it.

It is a type of loan whose loan period is up to 30 days. The repayment of the micro-loan takes place once or at the request of the borrower, the payback period may be extended. These short-term micro-loans very often do not bear interest, and the cost of repayment at the end of the installment is only increased by the lender’s commission.

If we choose a small amount of short-term micro-loan, this service will turn out to be an unbeatable loan on the market. No American commercial bank has a competitive offer when it comes to micro-loans compared to banking institutions. Micro loans are often taken due to the lack of financial liquidity resulting from unplanned and random events.

Who “takes” best personal loans in Tennessee ?

According to research and surveys carried out in 2013. customers who reach for microloans are people who are excluded from the offer of commercial banks. This is due to the type of work they do or the form of employment, such as junk contracts or free professions. These people are not “valuable” clients for the bank.

If we want to quickly get small money, the best solution will be the micro-loan, which you do not need too many formalities for.