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On the agenda we meet many people who impersonate and serve as someone else. Nowadays, it is very easy to “get” someone’s identity, especially in times of such popular mobile telephony and the Internet age, where we are able to settle everything – buy, sell, at home via the Internet and over the phone. Just a seemingly ordinary conversation, in which a “telephone consultant” asks us to provide our data, or a very nice lady asks us to support a new foundation. These are ordinary moments for us, common situations in which a person does not focus on the purpose of conversation – on the contrary, he wants to end it quickly and return to the activities performed, which is why he often answers all questions thoughtlessly.

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How often, someone asked about your pesel, did it on the phone and did not look like a tax or bank official or other kind of legal entity? Have there been several such situations? Watch out because you could fall prey to cheating. The identity thief needs only a few details about you so that he can then apply for a loan for your data. The Pesel number is one such. An individual eleven-digit number says a lot about a man and is a useful weapon. Thanks to this number, the fraudsters can open a bank account in your name or take out a quick loan.

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Watch who, when and where you give more detailed information about yourself. You never know what the other person is and why this information is needed. Think before you can write some information about yourself on the new social networking site, maybe they are not needed and potential friends will find you without them? Think about it because someone can use this information without your knowledge in a way that is unfavorable to you.

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To avoid stealing our identity, you must first and foremost be vigilant. We should not respond to suspicious messages in which an anonymous person asks us to provide our data. These can be scammers who want to extort our identity from us. Another important step is destroying your own correspondence, especially where your data is located.

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Lending money is nowadays how to go to the store for bread. You do not need a lot of formalities, the loan is at your fingertips and every adult citizen can take advantage of the loans of payday loans. The fact that loans are so easily available means that more and more people reach for them, not even because of their bad financial situation, but to have more money.

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Before deciding to take a loan, we suggest that you think about it very well. Are we able to pay it back in time? Are we sure of financial continuity and are able to manage money well when we are in a critical situation? Remember that we can take out a loan in up to 15 minutes, but its consequences may “walk” for us even several months.

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Before taking a loan, let’s analyze your financial situation. If I take a loan for $ 200, will I be able to pay it back and its interest after a month? Where will I get the money when I do not have them now and I need them? While spending on everyday life can often be unplanned and surprise us every second, the loan repayment is a very well planned action. You know the value of the loan, you know the value of the cost, therefore you are able to rationally assess how much you can put aside for its repayment. In this case, divide the amount of the loan into the number of days on which you borrow it. Thanks to this action, you will get a visualization of how much money you need to pay your debt a day.

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Make yourself a weekly, monthly – as you prefer – list of your expenses. Write your income on top, write a list of obligations underneath which you can not give up – rent, bills and loan installment. Underneath write what you spend the rest of the money – shopping, clothes, cinema, restaurant. Think about what you can give up, what you can put off for later. Make a schedule of your expenses so you can manage your cash better and assess whether you can settle your liabilities.