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In each of Usa’s life, a “fake” situation may occur, in which we will need extra cash. A family holiday, a holiday trip, but also a sickness of one of the family members or a car failure – all of this involves costs that cannot be afforded to everyone by using only funds from their own wallet. Therefore, many people in need decide to make a financial commitment to a bank or other institution in the event of an uncertain credit history. What do you need to remember about?

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Remember that as in many aspects of our life, and in the case of borrowing, haste is a bad adviser. This is the basis of many dishonest lenders – they use the panic and fear of the client who found himself on the life curve. They drive his uncertainty and convince him that he has found himself in an impossible situation. Almost, because if you make a commitment, your problems will disappear. In addition, we are in a hurry to forget about various important issues regarding the analysis of all options to get out of a difficult situation. It may turn out that a loan is not necessary at all.

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However, if we decide to take a loan from one of the institutions, it should be thoroughly “x-rayed”. Remember that the creditor’s credibility measure is the satisfaction and level of satisfaction of customers who have already dealt with a given company. It is worth asking among friends or using one of the many financial portals where you can find guides on choosing a lender and expert statements about some of them. On the market of loan companies there is now such a competition that we are dealing less and less with dishonesty and lack of transparent rules.

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Inaccurate reading of signed contracts is one of the biggest problems of our compatriots. And such negligence may be fraught with consequences – the contract contains a number of information that tells you about the repayment period and also about possible legal consequences resulting from failure to pay installments. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of clients who learn about the many provisions in the contract only after signing it, so when nothing can be changed.

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As everyone knows, a “lunch” is a fairly expensive loan. However, you pay here primarily for convenience – a minimal verification process and quick access to cash is a poor security for the lender. Therefore, he must set a high interest rate and a short loan period to motivate the customer to pay quickly.

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After the last few years of the financial collapse of the banking sector, many financial institutions have become more cautious in their activities. This is primarily about providing long-term cash obligations, such as large loans or loans. Currently, only a small number of clients can meet such a large requirement of the banking sector, which is why loan companies started to appear like fungi after rain, which operate on the basis of civil law – they constitute a powerful competition for traditional banks.

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In order for the bank to positively verify the loan application and not send back the customer with the receipt, this must have so-called creditworthiness. This is the basic measure of the credibility of the lender that in the future he will have the funds to repay the obligation. One of the key aspects affecting this parameter is net income – the more you earn, the more you can get a loan. The so-called  Recommendation introduced by the American Financial Supervision Authority suggests that the client’s charges for loans should not exceed 50%. its monthly income – however, this applies to people with above-average earnings. This threshold is gradually raised for people with less pay. What else affects creditworthiness? In addition to earnings, it is also a credit history, i.e. other liabilities incurred in the past and information about the timeliness in repayment of installments. This type of data is made available to the lender by the Credit Information Bureau – nota bene institution hated by many applying for a loan in a bank.

Interestingly, the bank’s final decision adversely affects not only a large number of liabilities, but also a “clean” credit history. This means that persons who have never applied for a loan may leave the bank window.

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So what should a customer do that needs quick cash and the bank does not want to cooperate with it? An alternative to traditional bank loans are so-called “payday loans”, offered by loan companies. Their great advantage are simplified formalities and the customer verification process, as well as a quick response time to the application – this means that in the case of a positive response, the money is available on the client’s account even in 15 minutes. What are you waiting for? Get a personal loan Oklahoma now! Before signing a contract with a loan company, you must first read it carefully. Honest lenders always willingly dispel our doubts and explain the provisions in the contract, which we do not fully understand. They also explain the entire repayment mechanism and the specific costs that we will have to incur as a result of the commitment.