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Loans can not be granted by non-banking companies that do not have the possibility of making banking activities. Therefore, the loan will be a concept reserved for banks. Its definition can be found in the Banking Act, art. 5, where it was stated that granting a loan is a banking activity that entails the right and economic consequences for the parties to the loan agreement. Such a contract, in accordance with art. 69 of the Banking Law should be concluded in writing and the following should be specified:

  • loan amount,
  • parties to the contract,
  • interest rate,
  • the commission amount for the bank,
  • loan repayment date.

In contrast to a loan, the purpose of the loan is usually precisely defined. The loan is a wider concept and can be granted by an institution, e.g. a non-bank company, as well as a natural person. The rules for granting loans can be found in the Civil Code. Money obtained in the form of a loan can be used for any purpose, and the borrower does not have to disclose it to the lender. If the loan has a low amount, you do not need to sign a loan agreement, but for larger amounts it will be recommended.

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A characteristic feature of non-bank loans is the speed of their granting and a relatively short repayment date. The moment cap is granted for example to a maximum of 1, 3 or 5 thousand. $, with a repayment period of up to 30 days. In comparison with the loan period available in banks, this is a very short period.

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The one-time account is also granted in a short period of time, which can not be combined with the time required by the bank to carry out the loan process. From the time the secured personal loan (Montana) application is submitted, it can take just a few minutes until the loan decision is issued and the amount of the obligation transferred to the bank account indicated by the borrower in the application. Undoubtedly, the simplified process of granting such loan obligations is an asset in the activities of non-bank companies.

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If the client wants time, he will not be able to wait for the tedious credit process at the bank. This period is extended if the borrower does not immediately have all the required documents to submit a loan application. During the examination of the application, it may prove to be wrong that the bank will request the delivery of additional documents in order to thoroughly check the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the client. It is much easier and faster to take out a non-bank loan, especially in the form of a payday loan. It will often be sufficient to submit an electronic loan application and make a verification transfer to the lender’s bank account. The creditworthiness and financial standing of the potential client in this case are checked on the basis of the consumer’s statements he made in the loan application. These statements may be replaced by documents indicated by the lender.

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We can only reach the black list of debtors if we have not settled our receivables in due time – the lender has no right to put our data there if there are still a few days left until the end of the period. The list can be entered after the minimum of 60 days from the date of payment, but the lender must inform the borrower about this fact no later than 30 days before the actual entry. As regards amounts, in the case of natural persons, the binding amount is a minimum amount of $ 200. Such strict financial regulations are to ensure that the blacklisting spectrum induces the debtor to settle his debts.

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The main advantage and at the same time a powerful “yes” argument in advertising campaigns is instant access to borrowed money – in most loan companies it does not last longer than 15 minutes in the case of positive consideration of the application. But it is worth knowing that in special cases, from submitting a credit application to transfer to our account, several days may pass. Much depends on which banks the lender and the borrower have in their accounts. Remember that all transfers are posted according to the dates of incoming and outgoing sessions. In addition, you must bear in mind the fact that these institutions do not work on weekends – a transfer ordered on Friday evening will be received only on Monday morning. Fortunately, to streamline the loan process, many cash companies decide to have accounts in several of the most popular banks.