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The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities to simplify everyday activities. Among other things, you do not need these days, having a bank account with access to the bank’s electronic system, stand in the queue at the post office to pay all household bills. We can fulfill such tasks sitting in front of the computer monitor without having to leave the house. In the same way, we can take out a loan online. Most often, this is not actually a loan, but a non-bank loan granted by one of the numerous loan companies currently operating on the American financial market. It is necessary to distinguish a loan from a loan. Only banks have the right to grant credit, usually expedient. Loans can be granted by banks, non-banking companies or even private individuals, and the mode of their granting and repayment or loan agreement is found in the provisions of the Civil Code and in the anti-usury law. Credit over the internet in recent years has become a very convenient form of supplementing its shortcomings in home finances.

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Stricter loan criteria in banks favorable for loan companies. Since the economic crisis has been strongly felt also in USA, banking supervision has introduced many guidelines for banks that were to limit the credit risk they incur. As a result, many people can not effectively take out a loan at the bank today, and loans for evidence, granted at a single visit to a bank outlet ceased to exist in practice. Only a few banks offer loans via the Internet, in electronic systems, to their regular clients who have a good history of cooperation and regular income on a bank account.

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Tightening the criteria for lending to banks through recommendations issued by the Banking Supervision Commission resulted in the flourish of loan companies. They provide quick cash loans on simplified terms. In their offer we can also find a loan via the Internet, or rather an online loan that can be incurred and paid back without having to contact the representative of the loan company.

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The boom of the Internet loan industry, i.e. półwyki took place in 2012, when they became a viable alternative to cash loans granted by banks. The popularity of payday loans increases, because the rules of borrowing and repayment become more transparent. Clients already know that in the vast majority of cases they are not an indication of usury, but an ordinary financial product, granted by a financial institution under conditions specified in the loan agreement.

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Credit Information Bureau carried out detailed research on non-bank companies. According to their results, as much as 64 percent. clients are satisfied with the cooperation established with the loan company, and 29 percent. expresses moderate satisfaction. Only 4 percent. has a negative opinion on the transparency of information provided to potential clients by non-bank companies. Above half of the respondents were satisfied with the general costs of the loan. It should be emphasized that, like bank loans, payday loans can have an interest rate of up to four times the Lombard rate of the National Bank of USA.

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Although many loan companies advertise their services as instant, it may take a little longer than 15 minutes to withdraw money to your account. The most common reason for the lack of transfer on the borrower’s account is the fact that he has a bank account at another bank, rather than a lender. In this case, the amount should appear on the next business day. As a rule, loan companies offer solving such problems on behalf of the client – this can be useful, for example, in a situation in which a failure occurred in the billing system of one of the banks.

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All you need is a simple loan application, usually submitted online, verification of the customer’s identity via a transfer to the loan company’s account, so that the customer can issue a decision on loan disbursement. A quick loan thanks to this can be available even within a few minutes from the time of applying for a loan.