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Is it possible to borrow money without having to pay any credit costs on this account? It seems not. Banks, cooperative savings and credit unions or non-banking companies that provide loans do not run charitable activities, but commercial ones, focused on earning profit. However, loan companies actually organize promotions “first loan for free”, mainly to attract new customers with their offer. As a result, they have a chance to attract loyal borrowers and take away their competition – both banks and non-bank companies. Who can take advantage of an attractive, free cash loan and what conditions must be met?

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Non-bank loans are a sector of the financial market that has been developing dynamically in the last few years. It is a sector that allows obtaining quick cash loans for a relatively short period of time. The advantage of payday loans, which are provided by numerous non-bank institutions operating on the American market, is that the process of applying for a loan is much simpler than in a bank. The lenders are not obliged to check the credit history of the client in the Credit Information Bureau before issuing the decision on payment or refusal to pay the loan. They also do not have to scrupulously calculate the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, although often simple calculations are made by the system.

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The entire loan payment process and its delivery can be carried out even several minutes after the client submits the application for a non-bank loan.

In some non-bank companies, it is possible to take advantage of the “first loan for free” promotion. Such promotions are addressed to people who have not previously used the cash loan company’s offer. They are designed to encourage the customer to take out a cash loan.

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Loan companies make their loans available to new customers for free. They could not take out any loan commitments in the same company, regardless of their amount. The first loan for free is a form of promoting the activities of a non-banking institution that provides cash loans.

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A client who wants to use such a promotion must meet the requirements for all borrowers of a given loan company. It must be an adult who has full legal capacity in the age specified for a given company. The lenders are not willing to credit customers who are too young and elderly, for fear of incurring too high a credit risk. The loan will be granted after submitting the loan application online or traditionally, using paper printing. It must be completely completed. Usually, a potential borrower is asked to enter the monthly income of existing financial obligations. It should be remembered that such a statement is made by the client under criminal liability. On the basis of such information, as well as additional documents about which the loan company may request, a loan decision is issued. The loan will be paid after verification of the customer’s identity, by means of a symbolic transfer, eg for the amount of 1 $, made from the client’s account to the account of a non-bank company.

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If we need an instant cash injection, and we do not have any savings, we need to look for external sources of financing. Unfortunately, in most banks the credit procedure takes at least a few days, because the bank has to examine the client’s creditworthiness based on the presented documents – mainly statements and certificates of the amount of income received. Additionally, by the American Financial Supervision Authority, banks and Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions are obliged to check the credit history of the client at bank, ie at the Credit Information Bureau. All these treatments must last, and the client must wait patiently for a credit decision that does not necessarily have to be positive. Even one negative entry in bank, or a complete lack of credit history, can ruin the chances of getting a positive credit decision on the submitted application. However, you can quickly fill up your financial shortages. A quick loan provided by non-bank companies is a good solution. What exactly is it and what conditions must be met in order to be able to enlist it?

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A fast loan is a financial product granted by the so-called loan companies, that is institutions operating on the American financial market, outside the banking system. They should not be identified with banks because they do not have a license to perform banking activities. They provide loans for payday loans, as otherwise they are fast non-banking loans, based on the provisions of the Civil Code and in correspondence with the provisions of the anti-usury law. It is she who defines the maximum interest rate on loans granted by loan companies. The interest rate offered by the loan company, similarly to a bank, can not be higher than four times the current lombard rate of the National Bank of USA. In January 2015, this rate was 3%, according to findings of the Monetary Policy Council, therefore the maximum loan and credit obligations granted on the American financial market can be interest-bearing at 12%. on a yearly basis.

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A quick cash loan provided by a non-banking company is much easier to access than a bank loan. This is related to, inter alia, a much simplified process of verifying customers applying for a loan.

Loan companies operating on the American financial market in most cases do not verify the client’s credit history at bank, because they do not have access to its databases. An exception is here, among others Opploans company, which has bilateral cooperation with bank. Nevertheless, even negative data on customer credit history does not automatically eliminate the possibility of obtaining a quick loan, just as in banks.

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When applying for a loan in a non-bank company, you do not need to submit a stack of documents, including employment certificates or the amount of income you earn. It is also not required to establish a loan repayment security, which is a well-known practice at banks.