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Unemployed people usually have considerable problems in obtaining a bank loan. However, in loan companies operating outside the banking sector, they may find an offer for a loan addressed to such a group of clients. How does the unemployment loan work on the non-banking market?

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The basic issue related to borrowing in banks and parabanks is to have a sufficiently high creditworthiness. Banks scrupulously calculate the customer’s ability to repay any loan obligation. If this ability proves to be too low, the loan will most probably not be granted. The impact on the amount of this creditworthiness is not only the amount of monthly income, or the amount of financial obligations, but also the source of income. The client who has permanent full-time employment, especially within the so-called a profession of public trust than an unemployed person who, for example, obtains income from social benefits or renting a property. People working permanently in a large company with high income will not have any problems with taking out a loan in a bank or a non-bank loan. Nevertheless, the unemployed can not boast of high creditworthiness. Often it will officially equal zero and then getting a bank loan becomes completely impossible.

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Despite the fact that a given person has the status of an unemployed person and is registered in the poviat Labor Office as a job seeker, he may have small incomes that justify the loan company issuing a positive decision on the loan application. In this application, the customer enters the amount of his monthly income and the pool of obligations that he must cope every month. Many non-bank companies offering payday loans do not require customers to submit additional certificates from employers or income documents from their business. This opens the possibility for the unemployed to make the desired commitment.

It is sometimes difficult to document your income, or their source is not accepted by the bank. Loan companies take a much more liberal approach to the formalities involved in borrowing, which is why an unemployment loan in such a financial institution will be available. It is important that the person seeking to obtain it meet all the conditions indicated by the lender.

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An unemployment loan is a regular loan, offered to various groups of clients, at which there is no need to submit documents confirming the income or financial situation. Usually, loan companies require their potential borrowers to be adults who have full legal capacity. A minor is not able to take out a loan.

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However, there are lenders on the American financial market who are more restrictive about the age of customers and give loans, for example, only to people aged 20 to 60. In addition, the borrower must be a American citizen who has a permanent residence in the  USA and can not be entered as an unreliable debtor in the National Register of Debtors or in the databases of Economic Information Bureaus.

Is the loan available for each customer right away?

Loan companies operating in USA support an increasing number of clients, which may be related to tightening of credit standards in domestic banks, through the economic crisis with which we had to deal also in USA – it was most noticeable in 2012. Currently, the American Financial Supervision Authority, which supervises the banking sector in our country, has relaxed its lending policy and banks have received a large degree of independence in determining the criteria that applicants must fulfill in order to finally obtain a positive credit decision. In companies operating outside the banking sector, the case is completely different. They do not have to act in accordance with the guidelines issued by the PFSA, and only operate in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and the anti-usury law. That is why in non-bank companies you can find loans for almost everyone. Is it really a loan right away, so-called A minute, can be taken by all consumers without exception, or are loan companies limiting their loan action in any way?

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Renowned loan companies that already have a loyal customer base and experience in lending activities have transparent terms of crediting their clients. The loan is available here only for clients whose financial situation raises no doubts. If the lender suspects that the consumer applying for the loan may be an unreliable borrower, he will ask for a statement of the amount of income received along with the application. In the application itself, the client is usually obliged to indicate financial obligations existing on his side, also due to credits and loans previously taken. Statements of this kind are submitted under criminal law, which the clients applying for the loan should be fully aware of. A lie in the application is subject to unpleasant legal consequences.

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Although the vast majority of loan companies operating on the American financial market do not have access to bank databases. Therefore, it does not check the crediting history of its clients in the Credit Information Bureau, which, at the same time, is not synonymous with the fact that this history is not important to them. Late or default repayments of previously taken loans and credits prove that the lender is dealing with an unreliable debtor. A loan should not be granted to him and usually this is not the case if the debtor is entered into the database of the Economic Information Bureau or the National Register of Debtors. In contrast to bank, each non-bank company has full access to these two registers and is willing to use it to verify the financial situation of the client.

As you can see, in the offers of loan companies operating on the American financial market, which are not authorized to undertake banking activities, there are payday loans, but not every customer can count on them. The loan will be taken out by customers who, for example, have a good history of cooperation with a given non-bank company.